Stars On Tour in South America Day 3 - Iguazu Falls


We left the hotel in Rio de Janeiro for the airport. A with a little hectic a expert queuing skills we left and boarded our flight to the Iguazu. Service during the flight was fabulous At our destination we enjoyed the majestic falls and spend a lot of time walking and relaxing. Good food was served during lunch. The buffet approach was well executed and provided delicious options for all. The filet steak was simply delicious. The dessert on the other side had a synthetic feel to it.

In the evening the wine tasting presented by Mauricio Roloff from the Brazilian institute of wine. we tasted the wines below:

  1. Salton Paradoxo – Sparkling wine
    Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Prosecco vilification.Angel white golden. Light lime and citrus on the nose. Light chalky and playful. Nice mouthfeel with pleasant acidity. The freshness is dominant and definitely a matter of taste. If you like fresh this is easy drinking ?. This is a sparkling wine with medium to large structured bubbles. The Finish is light and fresh. 84/100
  2. Casa Valduga 130 - Traditional method. 36 months in contact with the lees. On the eye brioche yellow. This starts with light notes of nuttiness and yeast on the nose. Lots of citrus (lime and citrus) and with a chew that is light chalky and full of minerality. Lots of freshness and light and some tropical fruits rounds of the flavour experience.  86/100
  3. Monte Paschol Reserva Chardonnay 2016
    On the eye light golden yellow. On the nose citrus and green apple with moderate tropical fruit notes. The palette is welcomed by wonderful fresh minerality and a supplest that is fresh and full of summer. The chew is quite welcoming and truly brings out the summer. A light structured wine with solid freshness and good acidity a true food companion. Limited light finish and subtle nuances of  oak that is well integrated. 89/100
  4. Pizzato Leger 2016 On the eye light golden yellow with a moderate orange hue. Notes of toast popcorn and fresh baked bread. The palate is full of white liquorice and feel of great viscosity. Fresh and chewy full of springtime. This is a wine to keep for at least another few years. 90/100  Truly very playful.  My personal favourite of this tasting.
  5. Raizes Casa Valduga Terroir  2014 – Cabernet Franc
    On the eye  crimson red and playful. On the nose a leady liquorice feels quite young. Fresh on the palette and a berry explosion with moderate acidity. Light tannic structure nice chew with coffee and liquorice. Still light and easy drinking. 88/100
  6. Pizzato Merlot Reserva – 2014 -  Merlot
    On the eye light purple and wonderful fresh red. On the nose marzipan, red berries and licorice. The palette is greeted by saltiness with a good tannic structure and berries, black pepper, lots of sweet wood and licorice. This is playful and fresh with some depth. Awonderful everyday drinking merlot. 88/100
  7. Salton Valento 2012
    The eye is welcomed by a night copper red hue and rose red intensity. On the nose fresh cut gras, lavender and violet and very young lush berries. On the palate black and white pepper. Excellent chew with fun filled moderate structured tannins. Liquorice goodness with coffee beans and surrounding berries. A medium to short finish. 87/100
  8. Monte Paschoal Dedicato Tannat 2013
    On the eye a dark red night. On the nose brambles, juniper leaves and light black pepper with nuances of blueberries. The palette senses the extravaganza of pepper, brambles, light tobacco and subtle cocoa. This is a wine with very big shoulders and a good guiding acidity. In a way this is light and playful like a ballerina whilst having the body of a body builder connecting the great mouthfeel with balanced acidity and good structured tannins and is followed delicate fresh finish. 90/100

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