Falafel the realtasting with tahini sauce

Falafel time baby. Delicious and almost light and full of flavor and texture. Delicious moist and light falafel. + READ MORE

Italian Sunshine Fish Stew

Who does not like sunshine on the stove... Keep reading :). Delicious fish stew who does not like this with a light spice and lots of color. + READ MORE

Remy's Cinnamon Roles

A new arrow to my bow of pastries the famous cinnamon roll with a twist. + READ MORE

Beef Filet Peach Tacos

Tacos are so wonderful and delicious. Yet so simple tomake with few ingredients you bring the flavor of mexico home. + READ MORE

Super Fast Cherry Cake ala Remy

A delicious fruitcake with yes cherries. OR anotherfruit of your choice + READ MORE

Panna Cotta in 2 versions

Panna Cotta is one of those delicious dessert where detail is key to ensure the right consistency and mouthfeel. Go not too sweet and make t + READ MORE

Calaplana De Marisco

One of Portugals Classics. Delicious fish who does not like this with a light spice. + READ MORE

Go to the Med Sandwich Spread

Go to the med with this incredible sandwich spread. + READ MORE

Delicious Garlic Broccoli Quinoa "Bake"

Want to healthy and delicious try this excellent easy to make recipe. For broccoli lovers and yes if you do not like broccoli replace it wit + READ MORE

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