Goulash Remy Style

In the winter and any other time during the year delicious Goulash + READ MORE

Scones English Style

An english favorite yields around 4 muffins/p> + READ MORE

Pumpkin Bread A&R Style

A delicious easy to make pumpkin bread. Preheat your oven to 170 Degrees and yes we integrate some japanese baking techniques into this wint + READ MORE

Shoarma Spices

The spice mix to make your own shoarma. Parts are by volume. 1 Part is 1 teaspoon + READ MORE

High Protein Ice-cream Low-Fat and Low Sugar

Around 100 grams of protein power and lots of flavor an almost guilt free delight. With some electrolite power! + READ MORE

Vanilla Salty Almond Ice-cream

Salty almonds, super creamy ice cream. Simply delicous + READ MORE

Taco Spice Mix Ideas

Some mixes to spice your meat taco style or go in a mexican flavor direction. Works with almost any meat. + READ MORE

Demi Glace the "easy way"

Yes this requires a lot of work but a labout of love with patience will create an incredible demi glace. You need to make the 2 basic sauces + READ MORE

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