Stars On Tour in South America Day 2 - Rio de Janeiro

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Ancoramar, Rio de Janeiro

After the visiting  Christ the redemeers  we embarked on the first restaurant of the day situated on the waterfront in the location of an old market. The building was build in the same factory as the “Eiffel tour”.You could recognize some of the design features in the building. The restaurant is situated in the llast remaining building. There used to be 4. We were served a set menu for lunch. Unfortunately there was no description. Food just arrived and the “amuse bouche” was a selection of breads, butter, liver paté and a small salad. The food was fresh and to the point. The starter was a smallfresh salad with “house” dressing and a shell with a crab salad and cheese. This was a little coastal in the taste. The card was fresh but lightly oversalted. A a main course the haddock was cooked well and the vegetables were on point. The best fish so far on the journey. The dessert was standard with “mass procduced” ice cream and a vanilla pear which was ok but the pear was not correctly “cleaned” and some of the strings were left.  The pineapple carpaccio was nice the ice cream pairing was off. Stiff was friendly. The wines served were:

Carmen Insigne Chardonnay 2016 from Chili – 83/100

Domaine Alma Negra  2016 from Mendoza Argentina 85/100

I enjoyed the restaurant and would recommend visiting fr the ala carte option. The oysters on the other table looked delicious. On the wine side the selection is small and limited.

Realtasting score 85/100


Olympe, Rio De Janeiro


In a very nice renovatedintimate building withwarmlighting andan openkitchen we were welcomedby the team. They prepared a special menu for called “Confiance”. 

Amuse bouche of tuna and a fresh vinaigrette and crest. This was simple and an ok start but no indication of great things to come.

Scallops with Yukon potatoe and coffee. Simply delicious, fresh and easy. A very good start. Loved the bite structure of the dish.

The fava beans with squid was exceptional and worked well with the offered chardonnay. Timing was very and the textures, seasoning and presentation was excellent.

Red  snapper with heart of palm and squid ink was presented well however the fish was overcooked. Red snapper is a delicate fish that required precise timing. Nice dish just overcooked.

Ancho, pumpkin, acai and farofa was MAGIC. Well-cooked presented delicious textures and bite structure. The presentation was very good and showed the spirit of Olympe. This was the dish of the evening. Bravo

For dessert we enjoyed tapioca with roasted pineapple. The tapioca was perfect the seasoning and flavouring was excellent. The pineapple was simply too sweet and drowned the excellent tapioca execution.

All in all the team was fabulous I sensed the passion and can see why this is one the addresses in Rio de Janeiro. score 91/100


We enjoyed several of the house wines. Detailed tasting notes of the wines below will follow.

CT Cuvée – Claude Troisgros  (House sparkling wine)  - 86/100 –

CT – Merlot 2012 – Claude Troisgros (House red wine)  87/100

CT – Chardonnay 2016 – Claude Troisgros – (House white wine)  84/100

This was the best day in the trip and a good reflection of how wonderful a tour of this magnitude can be. Looking forward to the next port of call and see how the taste buds are enjoying the safari of the senses. Bravo to JRE for organizing this special day. 


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