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Hello Everyone

Just returned to the wonderful sub zero temperatures. A difference of over 30 degrees however feel warm and happy after this amazing gastronomic marathon trip. Just some numbers....
Distance traveled: 40.000 KM
Meals enjoyed: 20
Guinea pigs tasted: 4 :)
Wines tasted >60
Approx. Bottles wine enjoyed: >20 :)
Pisco sour finished >60
Capis in Brasil: >20
Countries visited: 4 (Brasil, Argentina, Peru and Chili)

These are just numbers. The stars on tour journey was magic. A lot of culinary sensations with fellow food and wine lovers discovering the best of best in South America. I am compiling the wine tasting notes, restaurant reviews and travel experiences for you. 

Thank you to Martin ScharffMatthias Fehser for the organisation and the whole team of talented chefs and gastronomy lovers that joined us on this trip!. Not forgetting the guinea pigs that were soooo tasty! (gracias amigos de mi conejillo de indias)

Excited and ready to review all the fantastic material. And yes there will be items for the traubenliebe youtube channel as well


Remy G Ourmet

PS Next week we go east. Pack your chop sticks!


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