Sauce Bernaise Remy Style


One of my favorite tapa classics. This is version from Malaga.


  • 150 grams melted butter around 40 degrees
  • 3 egg yolks (53 gram eggs)
  • 40 Ml white wine vinegar (approx 3 Tbspn
  • 1 Dl of dry white wine or another wine of your tasting. I like to use a brut champagne (rose champagne creates a different color)
  • 1 Charlotte diced)
  • 25 gram of terragon leaves only finely cut
  • rough ginded black pepper to taste
  • 5 ml (1 tspn)
  • Salt to taste


    1Add the vinegar, white wine, pepper, charlotte, and a third of the terragon in a pan and reduce by 50% then filter out through a sieve and set aside

    2Melt the butter and set a side ensure it is not to hot! 40 - 50 degrees is fine.

    3Combine the eggyolks and vinegaer wine reduction and slowy heat in a bain marie. to max around 55 degrees (careful) This is imporant for the emulsion to start and the egg yolks and vingar dhould become and airy mixture. This take 2 -3 minutes check the temperature!!

    4Take the bain marie of the stove and add a few drops of the melted butter and whisk in, then little by little add the butter and keep the mixture warm not above 55 -60 degrees as then the sauce splits.add salt and lemonjuice when wished.

    5Finally add the terragon and serve. Make the sauce at the end.

Suggestions and variations When the sauce is too thin -> create a base with a little vinegar and an egg yolk watch the tempature carefully. Wisk them and slowly bit by bit add the split sauce. When the sauce is too thick -> add a little lemon juice or vinegar (2 ml or 0.5 tspn When the sauce splits: Cool down with one or two ice cubes (try this first) and whisk. You can try as well to use your bleder to swiftly mix it back to a state of emulsion.

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